Jim Gicas' - Some Shenandoah Pictures from 1960.


Shenandoah from the Heights, you can see Main Street in the center.
Shenandoah from the Heights, a little further west than the previous one.
This picture is from our home at 256 Florida Ave in the Heights. You can see
West Mahanoy HS in the background. And yes, that is me shoveling snow.
Another picture of the same snow storm and West Mahanoy HS
Our home at 256 Florida Ave in the heights -same snow storm
West Washington and the flats (Italian section) from Locust Mountain.
West Penn street looking west from Catherine street
From my father's restaurant, The Park Restaurant,
looking south on Main Street
An alley/street on the south side of town, off of the park on south Center Street
From the gold start highway, the land and junkyard to the east.
Again, the junkyard on the southside of town
From the Gold Star highway looking north up Main Street
Some of the banks and strippings on Locust Mountain, west side of town
The road coming into Shenandoah from the east to east Center Street
Some of the mining and I'm not sure what part of town this is.
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